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Worlinsky has exhibited with curators from the Huffington Post Arts Blog, Hashimoto Contemporary, Sasse museum, Proxy Place Gallery, bG Gallery, Jamie Brooks Fine arts, and House of Wren, along with exhibiting nationally in Florida, Virginia, Washington, Missouri and California and internationally in Seoul, Korea. Her paintings were featured in “The Party” movie, directed by Julianna Robinson, recently exhibited in oceanside in Malibu and in Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA. 

I like the unpredictability of laying down layers through lots of movement and gesture when painting. The viewer glimpses into the world I want them to see even if only for a second. Sometimes the pieces of artwork that will bury themselves within someone’s heart for a lifetime, are only seen for seconds. What happens in that second is a connection on a deeper level. It is a connection of consciousness. My impulses create the world and the viewer is left to make sense of it all bringing their own consciousness to interpreting the painting.

There is a sense of belonging that people have to others and an invisible mark they leave on what they’ve come in contact with. Those on the outside can only pick up on the energy and see the evidence of what was left behind but it is within the individual in that specific moment in which they hold the secret, the moment, the feeling of the specific interaction. Absorbing this in my art, I feel it as expressionism that is taking on a new dimension in light of a millennial generation.

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